Confused about choosing right Bra size????


The most important thing about finding a bra that works for you and your style is a proper fit. An ill-fitting bra is very obvious and the most recognizable trait to a poor fitting bra is comfort.

If you find that your bra is “too tight” or “digs in” then you likely need to consider how to measure for a bra prior to deciding on a particular style. Measuring yourself for a bra is a bit tricky but naturally achievable.

The way we see it is that you have two steps: measure yourself with an actual tape measure and do the bra size and fit checklist.

Essentially you need three measurements: two for your band and one for your cup.

  • To measure the first band location, wrap the tape around you and tuck it under your arms. Take the measure you see at the middle of your chest.

  • The next band measurement you need is the bottom of your bust. Wrap the tape measure around your body and across the top of your ribcage. If you happen to land on an odd number for either measurement simply round up to the nearest even number.

  • Discovering your cup size is a bit more exciting. Measure loosely around your bust. Be sure to place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts. Subtract your first band measurement (the under your arm measurement) from your bust measurement. The difference between these measurements gives you your true cup size - each inch represents a cup size. So if I measured 34 inches in my band and 38 inches in my bust then I’m a D cup.

Bra Size & Fit Checklist

Once you have your measurements for your starting point the next steps involve actually trying on bras and various styles. Each bra style and type covers, cups, and lifts differently. 

Now let us cover different type of bras and there purpose in my next Blog 2. Check Blog 2