Well there are lots reasons to buy it. First of all let’s understand what are the “padded shapewears” and why it’s meant to be used. Want to have those curvaceous curves? Go from flat to fab in a pop.


Jeans, shorts, even slinky dresses can be enhanced with this padded underwear. How do they do it? Just like a padded bra can enhance your bustline, these panties naturally enhance your bottom line curves in the same way.

These modern shapers lift and smooth your derriere for a flattering silhouette and enviable profile. If you desire a backside that's sure to turn heads, our discreetly uplifting butt shapers are the perfect solution to



We try lot of different advice how and what should we eat, how to dress, what to wear. We always had the imagination, what figure we want, but we rarely find the time and ‘will’ to do a lot for it. All the strains have been made in terms of “between the dreaming and the doing, lies the making it happen”.

Since we found Butt lifters, padded underwear, a specially padded panties, butt lifting jeans, waist trainers, and waist cinchers, it’s given a positive hope and happiness to most women who seem to lack confidence coz of not having perfect curves. Padded panties are specialized Shapewear garments designed to add volume to your buttocks. Just like push up bra to give a lift and enhance your bust area, same are these sexy push up shapewear padded panties to enhance your sexy curves. Everyone can’t afford cosmetic surgery, so these shapewears just serve the best by not only saving you lots from spending on surgery but also saves you through painful surgery.







Padded Panties worn under your wardrobe leave your bottoms and dresses fitting you the way they are supposed to. This enhanced rear view gives our customers a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Padded Panties come in three main garment styles with three different padding designs. We offer Silicone Padded Panties, Foam Padded Panties, and Hip and Butt Padded Panties. Our Padded Panties offer maximum Butt Boosting capabilities because of the superior padding we use to add what nature forgot to. We use different thicknesses of padding to achieve the correct look for each body type. Padding varies from half an inch to two inches with the industry standard being one inch thick. We recommend buying a Padded Panty over buying Butt Lifters if you have a flat bum and need to add some volume, some lift to your butts.





Types of Padded shapewears:Coming on to types of padded shapewears, here are main listed.


1. Padded panties with removable pads are panties that have pockets integrated into the panty design ~ these pockets hold a pair of booty pads securely in place over the buttocks and/or hips



2. Padded panties with built-in pads have foam padding molded and shaped into the shape of buttocks and sewn into the fabric of the panty. The padding cannot be removed.




3. Silicone padded panty: The Silicone Buttock Enhancer is specially designed to have the natural look, feel, and softness of real buttocks. Made from a soft silicone gel, this butt enhancer adds to your rear end what nature forgot to! It can enlarge 2 to 3 centimeters of the seat circumference. One inch thick Silicone gel inserts come with comfortable panties designed to hold them in place without moving, and shifting. These panties and gel inserts are easy to care for, washable and re-useable. Super thin edge looks almost invisible under clothing. No one will ever know you have them on, but they will notice your sexy new curves! This creative solution is safer, faster, and cheaper than a painful buttock surgery.




You must be thinking are they comfortable? Yes, of course they are very much comfortable and reusable, just needs a gentle hand wash. The pads are made of a lightweight, seamless foam fabric for comfort and a great look.


So Rock a perkier and sexy butt with this padded panties that also reduce your waist line! Padded panty will make you buttock rounder and sexier! It also will reduce your waist and abdomen instantly.